Gambian stabbed and robbed in Italy


An unnamed Gambian migrant was attacked and stabbed by a gang of boys in the southern Italian city of Naples Wednesday night.
The boy now hospitalised at the Loreto Mare Hospital in the city, is said to have suffered a deep wound on his arm and undergone a minor surgery.

According to local Italian newspaper reports, during the attack, the Gambian migrant was attacked with“crusts of a broken glass bottle”. His attackers forcibly took his cellphone and wallet. The attack was said to have happened at Porta Capuana, near the city’s central train station.
The 24-year-old reportedly said he was suddenly surrounded by a group of Italian boys who, having threatened with the broken bottle, did not hesitate to strike him repeatedly and with violence on his arm, and snatched his phone and wallet when he fell to the the ground.

When medics arrived at the place, they found him sprawled on the asphalt in a puddle of blood, and still bleeding from the deep wound to his upper limb.
He was taken to the nearby Loreto Mare Hospital, where he underwent surgery and the wound was sutured. He was hospitalised and put under observation.
The Napoli police are investigating the matter and looking for the gang members who violently attacked the young Gambian.


Meanwhile, another Gambian was involved in vehicle aacident in another southern Italian town, Gambatesa yesterday. The Gambian, also unnamed, was on board a Chrysler Grand Vojager when they collided with a Fiat Ducato driven by 53-year-old from the province of Benevento. The Fiat driver suffered injuries and was taken to the Cardarelli Hospital. Before the arrival of the police at the scene of the incident, the 31-year-old Gambian and his driving mate from Nigeria fled the accident site.

But following a short search, police found them hiding behind a bush nearby. Italian police said their Chrysler was uninsured and that must have been the reason they fled the scene.
Police check revealed both the Gambian and his Nigerian mate, resident in Campobasso, had legal residence permit
The matter has been referred to Italian judicial authorities.