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By Omar Bah

President Adama Barrow has said that the unprecedented multitude of people that stormed the State House clearly shows Gambians support his leadership.
Addressing a crowd from Niumi and Jokadu on Sunday who turned up at State House to express solidarity with him, President Barrow said the huge show of support only proves his critics wrong.

“We can argue about seeing the moon but not the sun. I want to tell you that I am very happy. I cannot pay you because a politician is powerless without the people. I will assure you that I will hold a meeting of this nature in Niumi so that those who are talking will be silent,” he promised, while saying ‘the occasion was not cheap WhatsApp talk’.
“When I was selected to lead the Coalition a friend of mine came to my house to warn me about the risk I was about to take, but I told him I have climbed the tree already and nothing can bring me back because the Gambian people have hope in me and I was not prepared to disappoint.

“Many Gambians were pessimistic about my ability to lead the country but now it is clear that I am the right person for the country,” Barrow said.
President Barrow also said he is the first Gambian opposition leader to unseat a president through elections. “There used to be opposition leaders in this country, Sheriff Dibba and others were here with Jawara, but none of them was able to win elections in this country. I am the first opposition who won an election in this country. It has never happened. So people should expect the unexpected under my presidency,” he said.

Responding to concerns about the groundnut trade season, the Gambian leader informed the meeting that all the negative talks surrounding the groundnut trade season are politically motivated, adding “All those who are talking are only talking about the shortage of money, but not about the money we injected. I want to inform you that the problem surrounding the groundnut sale is over. I want to assure you that the way things went this time around is regrettable, but I want to say that this government is in a learning process and be assured this will not happen again,” he asserted.

The Gambian leader also promised the meeting of his government’s desire to provide electricity to the entire country in the next three years.
Barrow also expressed his government’s commitment to construct the Buniadu-Albreda road and the Banjul-Barra Bridge much to the happiness of the crowd who responded with loud cheers.

“The people of Niumi are not known for supporting opposition and I want to promise you that I will do things in Niumi that no one has ever done there before.”

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