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GAP leader says Senegalese troops should leave Gambia and sort out the problem in their country


Musa Batchilly, the leader of the fringe Gambia Action Party, has said the Senegalese contingent serving under Ecomig in The Gambia, should be withdrawn and returned home.

“The Senegalese military personnel serving in the Ecomig forces in The Gambia should be withdrawn as their country needs their loyalty and service more than The Gambia,” he stated, apparently referring to the deadly riots that engulfed Senegal over the weekend following the sentencing of opposition leader Ousmane Sonko.

In a statement issued yesterday, Batchilly said Senegalese president Macky Sall has an unedifying record of employing political violence against his opponents and “that must be stopped by all means possible”.

He said The Gambia as a neighbouring country, and given its social and geo-political ties with Senegal, should “spearhead the peace process in Senegal through the regional blog [sic]”.

“We urge all Senegalese citizens to maintain decorum and fight for their rights through the court of law. Equally, we urge the Senegalese judicial sector to adjudicate all matters of public interest according to the laws of the land without favouritism,” Batchilly concluded.

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