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The funds are to come from the Fifa subvention, Fifa World Cup bonus and development programme, CAF TV rights and support programmes, government and other sponsors as well as local and international matches.

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As for expenditure, the GFF detailed a series of activities ranging from administrative expenses, regional championships for men and women to national team’s programmes among many others. According to the figures tabulated by the GFF, a surplus of D201, 306 30 will be realised after all expenses.

The budget was presented to club delegates at an extraordinary annual general meeting held at the Independence Stadium. 

While the budget was passed by the stakeholders some  delegates made observations on the budget. Buba Janneh representing Bombada FC, observed that the exchange rate of the dollar relied on in the budget is D40 per dollar which he said amount to under-reporting, “because the Central Bank rate is D45 per dollar and since all the income projected are for the coming year, the budget might be under-reporting the total revenue by a difference of some D5 per dollar which cumulatively is a huge sum”.  Mr Janneh also observed that it is not financially prudent to spend all the monies projected for expenditure in just one year especially because other sources such as Fifa bonuses do not come at least until every four years and the country will continue to need money for programmes in 2017 and so forth.

Mr Janneh further sought clarification on whether the money earmarked for Caf Club Championship will not be spent as direct financial assistance to The Gambia’s only representative in the competition, Real de Banjul, which would be against the tradition of the GFF.      

He was assured by the executive that all the over D400,000 earmarked is for match official indemnities, accommodation and other expenses for Real’s home match or matches and not money going directly to the club. Mr Janneh said this clarification is relevant because the GFF has since stopped providing assistance to individual clubs in their African campaigns and Real de Banjul should not be an exception. 

The GFF also earmarked half of the D4 milllion capital expenditure to purchase two vehicles while the other half will go to upgrade regional football grounds. Unconfirmed sources said the vehicles have already been bought. 

Contacted to shed light on these concerns, Bakary Jammeh, an executive member of the GFF, said Mr Janneh’s observations have been fittingly replied to. “But he has to be objective here. What about if the dalasi appreciates within the shortest future?” he asked. He also refuted claims that the vehicles have been bought. “All what is in that budget is for coming year,” he clarified. 


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