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GFF to decide fate of disputed league fixtures


  The organising committee’s task according to reliable GFF sources is to determine who shall get the maximum three points from the match which did not take place because allegedly Samger did not arrive at the field where Biko was waiting to play the match. If that version is correct and reported by the match commissioner, then Biko should be automatically given the three points and two goals according to competition rules.

However Samger officials have disputed that version alleging that their absence from the match is a culmination of a catalogue of poor communications from the GFF and accordingly lodged an appeal that would be decided by the organising committee. Also The Standard yesterday learnt that a number of other appeals are also up for determination, including an alleged use of an unqualified player by a certain team.  Up to the time of going to press, no decisions have been made with a senior official of the GFF suggesting the outcome of these cases would be officially announced today Wednesday.


Author: Lamin Cham


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