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Ghanaian professor to deliver lecture on traditional medicine legislation

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Press release

A renowned Ghanaian Naturopathic Professor, medical and science writer, author, and columnist, Prof Raphael Nyarkotey Obu, who is currently a Bar student at the Gambia Law School, Banjul, will deliver an expert lecture on the need for national legislation on traditional and alternative medicine in The Gambia. The event is scheduled for the 1 July 2023, at the Gambia College, Brikama, at 12Pm.

The programme is under the auspices of the National Traditional Healers Association of The Gambia (TRAHASS). Prof Nyarkotey has been championing the national legislation on traditional and alternative medicine in The Gambia since he arrived from Ghana to pursue his legal education in 2022. He has succeeded in raising awareness of scientific natural remedies with his prolific writings in the national dailies.

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He also petitioned the Gambia’s Minister of Health this year to take action on traditional medicine. The theme for the event is “legislative regulation of traditional and alternative complementary medicine practitioners in The Gambia: A tool for recognition in the healthcare system”.

For decades, traditional healers in The Gambia have been fighting for national recognition in the healthcare system but all their efforts proved futile.  The conference will attract over 500 healers in and outside the country to deliberate on the need for the importance of legislation in The Gambia.

Professor Nyarkotey, believes that there is a huge potential for natural medicine in The Gambia if legislation is Fast tracked. He also believes that his legal training at the Gambia Law School will open more opportunities for natural medicine across the continent of Africa and the world.

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He avers that medicine is not competition. Hence, there is no need for conventional and natural healers to be at loggerheads. He calls for collaboration in the healthcare system.

Also, he explains that legislation will go a long way to enhance standardisation. He cited how countries such as India, China, Ghana, South Africa, and many others are benefiting from natural healthcare.

Prof Nyarkotey said natural healthcare tends to improve the economy with legislation.  The Gambian Law School student, who has created a global niche for himself in the profession of naturopathy and holistic healthcare, is engaging traditional healers in The Gambia, to see how to improve their services.

He has produced some blockbuster scientific articles on the Gambian natural remedies which have generated public interest in recent times. He has also authored three books and seven academic papers.

“As a professor of naturopathic healthcare and a researcher with interest in the legal aspect of traditional and complementary medicines in the African sub-region, I aim to support the regulation of naturopathy and to assist in any way that I can,” he said. 

Prof Nyarkotey Obu, is the president of Nyarkotey University College of Holistic Medicine & Technology, Ashaiman, Ghana’s first Natural Medicine university college dedicated to the promotion and advocacy of natural remedies.  The College is also an educational member of the World Naturopathic Federation (WNF), Canada.

With the support of his team in Ghana, he developed Ghana’s first ever national occupational standard in naturopathy and holistic medicine at the Higher National Diploma (HND) and bachelors’ level under the Commission for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (CTVET)”.

He has won many awards in Ghana and on the international front such as the 40under40 Achievers Award in education (2019) and was inducted into the West African Nobles Forum as a young Noble at age 34. 

He was conferred Professorship at age 34 becoming one of the youngest Professors in Ghana in recent times.  In 2022, he was honored by the India Medical Association, JDN, Odisha, chapter with the title “Father of Modern Naturopathy in Ghana” for shaping the science of modern naturopathy.

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