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Go find real killers of the PIU-defence lawyer tells Anti-Crime Commissioner

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By Bruce Asemota

Lawyer Lamin J.Darbo, the legal counsel representing Ousainou Bojang, standing trial for  the  alleged killing of  two PIU officers and injuring a third, has asked the Commissioner of Anti-Crime Unit, Momodou Sowe, a prosecution witness, to go and find the real killers of the officers.

The lawyer put it to the Commissioner that the accused person was in Djouloulou, southern Senegal to seek for prayers from the marabout in relation to his difficulty with the white lady he had problems with.

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Lawyer J Darbo further told the Commissioner Sowe that the reason the audio and video recordings were not tendered by the police was because it contained the voice of the suspect telling them that he needed help because he was having difficulties with the white lady.

The defense lawyer told the witness that the   accused never used any gun or took any to kill or injure anybody.

At this point, Commissioner Sowe replied that the accused person confessed to him inside the vehicle whilst they were on the road from Giboro to Banjulinding, the Anti-Crime Unit headquarters.

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Commissioner Sowe explained to the court that he started questioning the suspect from Giboro after the Senegalese Gendarmerie handed him to the Gambian convoy.

Commissioner Sowe however said the confession was made inside the vehicle and was not audio or video recorded.

The witness denied Lawyer J Darbo’s assertion that the Ousanou Bojang was not near the Sukuta-Jabang Traffic Lights Junction on the 12 September, 2023.

He repeated his claim that when he arrived at the crime scene that night, he did not take pictures of the crime scene but forensic officers did.

He said the crime scene was preserved by police officers and military officers after the incident.

Commissioner Sowe told the court that he never listened to the conversation between Ousainou Bojang and Mama Jabbi, the 3rd prosecution witness.

 Sowe also re-emphasized that Ousainou Bojang told him inside the vehicle that the bullet intended for Ansy Jawo was the very one that hit the vehicle parked at the right-hand corner of the Sukuta roundabout.

Meanwhile, Sowe was also cross examined by Lawyer Farage who represented the 2nd accused person Amie Bojang.

Under cross examination, Commissioner Sowe denied defence lawyer Farage’s claim that Amie Bojang helped facilitate Ousainou Bojang’s journey to Casamance because Ousainou Bojang was seeking for marabout’s assistance to solve his problem with the white lady.

Hearing continues on Monday 18th December, 2023 for the 6th prosecution witness to testify.

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