Gov’t says all tourism workers should be vaccinated


The Ministry of Tourism and Culture has issued a statement informing all those operating businesses in the tourism sector to get vaccinated or risk not being granted license to operate in the next tourist season.

In a statement shared with The Standard, the Ministry said: “Consistent with international protocols related to the covid-19 global pandemic. The Ministry of Tourism and Culture hereby instructs all operators within the Tourism and leisure industry to have their staff fully vaccinated. Therefore, tour and hotel operators, bars and restaurants, casinos and nightclubs, swimming polls, foreign exchange bureaus, taxi-cab operators, salon and barbershop, gymnasia, fruit vendors, boutiques and guest houses and lodges, tourist guides, bird watchers, boat owners, guest houses, camps and lodges, travel agent operators, beauty and massage palours, mini/supermarkets, museums and art galleries, juice pressers, horse riders, equipment hirers, upcountry tourism facilities, cultural and historic sites and tourist markets within the tourism development area (TDA) are strictly instructed to comply with this directive.”

“Operators who fail to heed to this directive, shall be rendered unsafe to partake in the upcoming tourism season. Equally, any business entity within the designated TDA that employs unvaccinated staff in contravention of this directive shall be rendered unsafe and unfit to operate in the tourism season and shall not be licensed by the Gambia Tourism Board or any government agency to operate a business,” the ministry said.