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GRA engages stakeholders on risk management

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By Omar Bah

The Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) has commenced a two-week intensive sensitisation programme targeting several stakeholders in the country on customs risk management.

The engagement attended by representatives of GPA, SIS, Office of National Security Adviser, Ministry of Agriculture, Immigration Department and GRA customs staff, is designed to enhance the revenue collection scheme through a better targeting of high-risk. It also seeks to enable better efficiency in case of threats by relying on agile procedures, supporting modernisation of customs procedures which improves reputation in the eyes of the public and of the trade community as well as strengthening and empowering customs authorities.

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 Speaking at the forum, Commissioner General Yankuba Darboe said risk management in customs administration has evolved as a result of the changing customs operating environment, adding that the need to adopt a compliance management risk-based approach to customs operations cannot be overemphasised.

He said risk management systems driven by artificial intelligence have proven to be the strongest shield against security threats and the most efficient way to increase revenue collection.

“The manner in which goods are carried and traded, the speed of such transaction and the sheer volume of goods that traded around the globe had changed dramatically; and as a result of these changes, administrations around the world have been impacted and required to continually adapt their methods of operation in an effort to maintain their effectiveness and relevance,” he said. 

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When applied to customs, CG Darboe added, risk management is very efficient for risk evaluation and risk treatment, “Its main role being to identify the consignments with the highest risk level and apply the right actions for physical inspection, documentary check and fast-track. In practice, customs risk management is a crucial foundation to help Customs direct their efforts towards more essential tasks.”

He said customs risk management can have a great impact on achieving results on an operational and strategic level.

“By choosing an advanced solution which relies on both artificial intelligence and customs expertise, customs can quickly enhance their performances and limit their exposure to threats,” he added.

While urging the participants to take the sensitisation seriously, CG Darboe said his office takes issues of risk management with utmost importance.

“We have created a department called enterprise management reform and modernisation and all the risk management committees are under that umbrella, be it the customs or the domestic taxes,” he said.

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