Group launches project to empower women


By Omar Bah

The founder and CEO of Join Hands 2 Save A Baby charity foundation, Amie Jarjue, has announced a new community project to support needy women in The Gambia.

The project, dubbed The Gambia National Fundraiser for Women and Communities, is initiated and sponsored by Join Hands 2 Save A Baby Charity. The charity is also championing a massive blood donation initiative for Gambian hospitals across the country.


“Since 2013, the charity has conducted many maternity tours across the country spending time with women, nurses and doctors in the labour wards. This gave us the opportunity to meet women from various associations and communities who engage in some amazing activities in their individual communities and contribute significantly towards nation building,” Madam Jarjue told The Standard.

The tour, she added, helped the charity to connect, identify and understand the challenges women health professionals and communities face on a daily basis in their local health facilities. “Where possible, we offered to help and support to improve the quality standards of care and/or facilities, depending on what measures were needed. During these visits across maternity units, on many occasions Join Hands had the opportunity to meet different women associations who had dedicated their time to offer voluntary services to local health facilities,” she added.

She said some community members even organised fundraising activities to purchase necessary medical items.

“These stories shared by these women associations and other community members have touched us and it has left the charity questioning what we can do to support and empower them. This was what triggered the thought to set up Gambia National Fundraiser for Women and Communities with Jaliba Kuyateh.”