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Halifa praises Jaha Dukureh’s decision to join PDOIS

Halifa praises Jaha Dukureh's decision to join PDOIS

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By Olimatou Coker

Addressing a meeting in Gambisara village, the People’s Democratic Orgnisation for Independence and Socialism leader extolled Jaha Dukureh’s decision to join PDOIS, saying the women’s rights activist will add value to the party.

“Jaha Dukureh has shown that she is ready to work for this country and this is why when we heard about her ambition and readiness to serve the country, we welcome her because that is exactly what PDOIS is all about,” Sallah said.

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Madam Dukureh is a native of Gambisara, a village where the party was holding its caravan rally. Sallah said Dukureh’s commitment is what motivated the party to support her in all her political endeavors.

“This meeting today has shown that Jaha is a true daughter of this country and a native of Gambisara. We are happy with the way the people of Gambisara received us. No single person can claim that they are president, nor can a single tribe proclaim that they are the reason why a certain person is declared president. A president should be someone that is loved by their people, who has regard for their people and stands on the truth. Such a person must be knowledgeable and full of empathy; only such a person can become president to wipe the tears of their people,” Sallah said.

Jaha Dukureh said when Yahya Jammeh left the country, a lot of things happened and many people questioned if this was the change that was cried for but “Halifa Sallah and Sedia Jatta are people that have the interests of this country at heart. They’ve shown that they are true leaders and servants of the people.

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“I am happy to come from Gambisara, because I am nothing without Gambisara and that is why if I need support and prayers, I turn back to my people, I am hopeful that the people of Gambisara will not let me down”.

Modou Jabbie Dukureh, a family member, said natives of Gambisara both at home and abroad will do their best to support PDOIS in the forthcoming election.

Lamin Biyagi, PDOIS supporter, said: “We all know we are approaching the polls. Jaha has supported us and every native of Gambisara is a witness to it. She even went to an extent of buying rice for each household in the community and pocket money to support her people and the only way they can pay for these kind gestures is to vote for PDOIS headed by Halifa Sallah,” he explained.

Sedia Jatta said visiting Gambisara happened because Jaha Dukureh took it to herself to join the PDOIS out of all the many parties in the country.

“Because of the belief she has in the party and because she knows the party operates on standards that will help develop the country.”

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