There has been a dramatic twist in the saga involving the doctors and the Minister of Health Saffie Lowe-Ceesay who have spent the past days at loggerheads over remarks she made at a recent regional meeting.
The doctors took offence and demanded a retraction, apology or her resignation within 48 hours, an ultimatum that elapsed resulting in a sit-down strike by doctors in public hospitals across the country. However last night, the Minister issued an apology saying her statement was not intended to offend anyone.
Read the full content below:

“Following the unfortunate saga that unfolded on February 28th 2018, I wish to once again state as follows:
That the statement I made was not out of malice. On the contrary, it was made to turn around the negative image that the ministry is synonymous with.
As custodian of the sector and in the interest of the population, I extend an apology to anyone who might have been offended by the statement.

The ministry will continue to work in earnest and in close collaboration with all the health personnel and ignore the undue distraction to put in place a desired drug accessibility system and better service delivery for the Gambian population who deserve better.”