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Henry Gomez says Gambia cannot afford to vote Barrow out

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By Saidou Baldeh

Presidential adviser on youth matters, Henry Gomez has said Gambians cannot afford to vote President Adama Barrow out in 2021.
Gomez said his party and all genuine Gambians will rally behind President Barrow again in 2021 to make sure that he wins a second term because “this country doesn’t change presidents in every five years”.

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He said although he will continue to protect the existence of his party, he is ready to personally give all his support to Barrow in the 2021 presidential election. “I will serve Barrow and the Gambian people to the best of my ability”.
The GPDP leader said Gambians should know that President Barrow and his ministers are not “our slaves, they are only our servants and we must respect them. Barrow is no one’s slave and he has a family and whosoever wouldn’t want your father to be insulted you shouldn’t insult someone else’s father”.

“People should start treating politicians with respect. If anyone wants to go to State House, you have to wait for the election and tell you one thing, the 2021 election will be history in this country because whether we like it or not President Barrow will win it. Whosoever doesn’t want to hear that can go to self-exile,” he told a local radio program.
Gomez also urged Gambians to take the Covid-19 pandemic very seriously.
He argued that Gambians should be grateful to President Barrow, when he does anything commendable, like the recent releasing of over 100 prisoners and the purchasing of Covid-19 food aid.

“We have to be grateful. We all know where we are from and where President Barrow has taken us. Wanting to be president would not make anyone of us president. Those who are forming political parties just to make up the numbers should ask themselves whether they would have been able to do so under Yahya Jammeh. We must stop being hypocritical,” he added.

The presidential adviser also took time to warn those responsible for distributing the Covid-19 aid against tampering with the food items.
“Anyone found wanting of selling government Covid-19 food aid will be seriously dealt with. We cannot allow one person to enjoy what thousands of people should benefit. That will not happen”.

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