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I still live with NIA trauma – Hon Jawara

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By Mafugi Ceesay

Continuing her testimony at the NIA 9 trial, Fatoumata Jawara yesterday told the Banjul High Court that as a result of the beatings at the NIA, she still suffers back pain, side pain, sleepless nights and nightmares from the experience.
The Tallingding NAM also told the court that she still cannot sit for long and is constantly using medications. She said she in fact just got released from Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital.

Madam Jawara said the detention and torture affected her kids too.
The witness said despite her tribulations at the prisons, she was generous enough to give her dress to an inmate at Mile 2 who did not have anything to wear.
“I also gave the wrapper she wore during torture to one of her lawyers.”
The wrapper was shown to the witness in court which she identified as hers, adding that she wore the wrapper throughout the beating and detention at the NIA.

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Meanwhile Justice Kumba Sillah-Camara admitted and marked the wrapper as exhibit M.
Continuing her testimony Madam Jawara said the marks on exhibit M are marks of injuries and beatings which could only have happened at the NIA because she only saw them when she regained consciousness and they were not sustained before she arrived at NIA.
Hon. Jawara told the court that when they transferred to Mile 2 they did not have access to their families initially and when they were finally allowed they met their families at a place where they could only say hello as security officials will be listening to their conversations.
The trial continues.

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