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By Omar Bah

The Independent Electoral Commission chairman has disclosed that his office will officially write to the Ministry of Justice next week to appoint judges for the revising courts.

“It is standard procedure that immediately after the registration, we check the list and see whether there are people who have registered more than once and that is what we are doing currently. We will soon be done with that as soon as next week we will write to the Ministry of Justice and ask them to appoint judges for the revising courts,” Alieu Momarr Njai told The Standard yesterday.

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He said there will be seven revising courts, one for each of the seven regions of the country and that they will run for sixty days.

Asked whether there have been any major issues in the registration process, Njai said: “There are some people who registered twice or even three times. This is what we are sorting out and immediately we are done with that, we will announce the provisional number of voters.”

However, Mr Njai said he could not tell whether there are other major issues in the registration, saying the database specialists are working very hard to complete their review and the moment they are done they will update him.

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Revising courts

Revising courts are assigned as soon as may be practicable after the publication of the provisional voter list. The Chief Justice shall, on the advice of the Commission, appoint magistrates of the First Class to hold revising courts, to hear and decide appeals and objections against the voter list.

A revising court shall be held in each Administrative Area in which notices of appeals and objections have been received and the Chief Justice may, for this purpose, appoint different magistrates for each Administrative Area.

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