Inauguration of Senegambia Bridge – How much did it cost?


The much celebrated inauguration of the Senegambia Bridge was welcomed by many people in the country. Many citizens see it as a major achievement of the Barrow-led government and have hailed it as such. Indeed it may well be the hallmark of his legacy.

In spite of that fact many people raised concern over the change of the name from TransGambia Bridge to Senegambia Bridge citing the fact that the bridge is entirely within Gambian territory. Supporters of the new name say that it is simply meant to promote integration between the two neighboring countries.

Be that as it may, what many people are asking now that the dust has settled is the cost of the inauguration. It is well known that the inauguration must have cost a lot of money seeing the pump and glory it generated in country. Many are speculating that it must have cost a fortune.


Another question that Gambians would like to know is who actually foot the bill? Whether it was by government or not should be revealed. And if it was by government then where did the funds come from, that is to say, whether or not it was budgeted for.

Transparency demands that the committee set up by government to organize this event publish the report on the financial and other activities before, during and even after the event.

We call on government to provide this information to the citizens of the Gambia as soon as possible.