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Int’l Youth Day: Papa Njie calls for greater involvement of youth in nation-building

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By Ebrima Jallow

Party leader and Secretary General of People’s Progressive Party, has called for a greater participation of young Gambians in nation building.

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But he said this can only be done if government provides the space and role for young people to participate and develop to become responsible leaders.

Papa Njie was speaking at a celebration marking International Youth Day, organised by Youth Power Network International (YPNI) in partnership with Global Youth Leaders’ forum under the theme positioning youths as national asset.

YPNI members and a cross section of young people including stakeholders attended the event held at the Alliance Français.

He spoke of the need to restructure the education system to reflect current realities.

He called the Day a learning process for both politicians and young people.

“We are learning from each other [here at this event].

This is what is lacking in the government.

We have to communicate and dialogue, if we do not dialogue and communicate we will fail.

It’s almost ninety percent certain that we are going to have drought.

What are we doing and what are the strategies in place for future prevention?”
Dr Abraham Ayzer, CEO of Yakarr Medical Services Ltd, told the young people: “…The best way to know what you have in you is to develop who you are. Start with that.”

Samuel Mendy, YPNI CEO told young people as architects of The Gambia: “It matters what we do with our country The Gambia.

What are the decisions or the plans that we are going to put in place to determine how Gambia is going to be in next 20 years? It has to do with us now.

We can’t change yesterday but we can do something today that will determine how tomorrow is going to be.

The future belongs to those who are prepared for it.”

Speaking further, he said: “It matters how informed and equipped we are with what information we carry because that is what backs greatness.

It is based on the quality of information that we have invested into the younger generation. The future of this country will be determined by this younger generation.”

International Youth Day is held each year in August.

It is an initiative that celebrates the qualities of young people and that recognises the challenges that today’s youth face.

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