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City of Banjul
Thursday, September 24, 2020


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Awa JammehAwa 63


Awa Jammeh, 20, is a strikingly beautiful young girl finding her feet in the increasingly competitive fashion and modelling industry. A native of Bakau Bojang Kunda, Awa did science in her senior school at St Joseph’s, and has since eyed to carve her name in the industry. “My dream is to be a successful model, famous in the field and be recognised all over,” she said. Tall, slim and bright; a perfect physique required to dazzle on the stage, Awa does modelling at the same time a fledgling makeup artist but prefers the former. “What I like the most in my leisure time are browsing and working on my cards. My role model is my mum, she has an admiring character.” Words by Aminata S Kuyateh]]>

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