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Introducing (Binta Sheriff Hydara)

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She is only 19 years of age, but very ambitious and dedicated in her aspirations. A Gambian by nationality and a resident of Sinchu Sorrie, she graduated from high school in 2013, and later proceeded to Lasting Solutions Institute, where she studied Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

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Binta Sheriff Hydara has nothing on her mind other than to pursue a degree in Journalism and become an international human rights activist. She currently features on talk shows on Early Marriage, Child Trafficking among others on City Limit Radio, Hill top and GRTS radio.


What inspired you to become an activist?

I have seen that so many children facing varying levels of peoblems especially when it comes to rape, child abuse, child labour, child molestation the list goes on. This is what really inspired me and one thing that has to be clear is that everyone is an activist of their own. Activism does not only include those that are out there advocating and sensitising but it as well touches the parents so long that it has a positive impact on the child. This is more so the reason, I stand firm, to fight for the rights of children.


How far have you gone in terms of impacting on the lives of Gambian children?

The majority of children whom I have spoken to have benefited a lot in terms of their awareness level on certain issues. For instance, I have spoken to kids that stay away from school, thinking that it’s the right thing to do, when actually it’s not. Also, I have had discussions with parents on the concept of not sending their girl-child to school and I have seen changes on that aspect too. So it feels good to see myself doing something great and I hope I will break greater ground.


What are your constraints? 

Well, it’s hard to say, but it’s not easy when you are advocating for change. On the first time, I was startled, when we came up with the issue of FGM. There was a lot of criticism regarding our advocacy. But nonetheless, you must put up with criticism if you really want to achieve your desired goals. I am someone who entertains constructive criticism because it keeps me going in life and makes me have passion for what I am doing even more.


Where do you want to see yourself in the next 5 years? 

Hmmmm! I would love to have a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, become a media practitioner and represent my country at CNN. I would also love to get married to an educated, loving, caring, religious, down to earth, humble, ambitious and romantic guy.


View of life?

My philosophy states: “The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted. I appreciate constructive criticism, because it builds me internally. And everything that one does starts from somewhere………”


Are you in any relationship?

No! Actually am not in any as of now.

Words by Sirra Chorr


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