Introducing (Jamila Hydara)


She is a co-presenter of the popular Whatsup show on GRTS, rapidly making her a familiar name and face in many a house in the territorial confines of The Gambia and beyond.

Telegenic and articulate, the 21-year-old beauty said of herself: “I attended The Seventh Day Adventist Primary and John Pickering Senior Secondary School in Lamin where I graduated as a commerce student in 2012.  I started working with GRTS in 2013. I like working for GRTS because I have a passion for the job and I have been given an opportunity that’s why I give it my best.

“My aim is to be professional in what I do and that means acquiring the highest level of training and expertise as far as TV is concerned. My role model is Fatou Sanneh of GRTS. I look up to her because she has succeeded in balancing her TV work with the need to be there for her family. My hobbies include reading, chatting with elders and sometimes watching TV. My philosophy of life is that ‘anything you are involved in do it with passion and give it your best’.”