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Introducing (Lena Grey Johnson)


I am a graphics designer, photographer and event planner. I have a natural love for arts and that’s what I work with. I love everything from music, fine arts to fashion. 

I am the co-founder of Fashion Weekend Gambia which started a few years back and is staged every early December with the aim of promoting young Gambian fashion designers and promoting the creative industry and as well promoting the excellent Gambian creativity in all its natural beauty to show the world that we have something unique.

I believe there are lots of creative people around us but there is no platform for them to get exposed or express themselves and I felt there was a gap that needed to fill, not only within fashion but within the whole creative field. 

This is the third year of the FWG and this year it will be staged on the 5th to 6th December and I am currently working with a fantastic team of people who are all working towards making it bigger and better each year.  

Creating events is obviously fun but most of the time it’s really hard work and a lot of stress to handle. Things like creating budgets and finding sponsors is always a challenge but I believe that as long as you work with a positive mindset and surround yourself with like-minded people, it will always work however hard the struggle is. 

The model casting for FWG models will take place this Saturday, 18 October at Sun Park, former La Divas behind Senegambia football field at 3pm for both male and female models. 




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