Introducing of waste-to-energy plant in The Gambia


Every civilisation produces waste and the more advance a civilisation is sadly the more waste is being produced.

This and other prevailing factors lead to the inception of Bio Energy Power Gambia Ltd. since the 24th of September 2018 with the aim of expansion and stabilisation of energy sector in The Gambia.

The operation involves installation of 200 power plants throughout the breath and length of the country. Dr. Alkali A.F. Conteh the manager & Ralph Hanswille is the sole inventor of this waste processing machines.


The energy produced would be stored in the national grid for later use specifically to combat blackouts and restore street lightening.

The operation will give rise to about 10,000 job opportunities ranging from the transportation, management, treatment, maintenance and security personals of the various installed plants thereby boasting the economic status of the people involved in the entity.

Individuals can gain income by gathering waste to enable us live in a waste free environment.

The Gambia with a base load of 70 megawatts and energy peak of 150 megawatts can benefit from the innovations of Bio Energy Power Gambia Ltd, a Gambian registered entity specialised in the transformation of trashes and waste ranging from sludge, sewages and garbage’s from companies, factories and households into energy for light and the by-products used as manure to enhance the growth of plants and animals.

The Gambia, recognised as one of the poorest 20 countries in the world with most citizens living less than one Euro per day also has the second highest energy cost worldwide.

The country also no proper disposal of waste poising serious threats and health hazards especially to those communities that are within the subordinates like Bakoteh, Kotu, Banjul just to name, presenting a huge challenge to the inhabitants, the Municipality and the Government at large.

NAWEC the country’s power and water company has had a serious problems of disposing sludge and sewage generated from the activities of the power generators located in the Greater Banjul Area (GBA), particularly in the Tourism Development Area (TDA).

In view of all these challenges, the Bio Energy Gambia Ltd. Can play a key role because in its capacity, the company will collect, treat and convert such wastes into energy and thus eliminate the environmental hazards and offensive stench coming from the dumping sites and more particularly the sewage ponds of Kotu that we all know.

The Management of the Bio Energy Power Gambia Ltd. are hereby seeking for collaboration with our esteem Government, Individuals and NGO’s.

for partnership in realising this laudable project as a solution to combat our ever tragic improper waste disposal that we all know.

The company is located on Kotu Bertil Harding Highway, Serekunda -The Gambia can be reached on
970 48 35 | 386 93 39 or