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J Darbo says rule of law must never be compromised with


By Yusupha Jobe

Lawyer Lamin J Darbo Saturday amplified the importance of the rule of law, saying it must always remain non-negotiable particularly in the context of the country’s socio—economic and political progress.

The top lawyer was addressing a graduation ceremony of over 50 students of Gunjur Senior Secondary School in Kombo South District, West Coast Region.

Speaking on the topic of the rule of law in the context of The Gambia’s development as guest speaker, lawyer Darbo stated: “For any country to achieve meaningful social, political and economic advancement, particularly a society practicing constitutional democracy such as ours, the rule of law is not negotiable.

“Law is enacted by the government to enforce rules about how individuals and groups should legally behave to achieve economic and social policy outcomes particularly in the criminal, civil and regulatory areas. It promotes policy and economic outcomes by instilling behavioural change through sanctions serving as a yardstick for coordinating behaviour and creating a culture of compliance for the attainment of the country’s social, political and economic progress.”

He explained that when people and institutions are accountable and equal before the rule of law particularly on human rights, “then the realisation and the attainment of the country’s economic and peaceful co-existence among citizens will easily be attainable”.

Turning to the students, lawyer Darbo remarked that no country can achieve any meaningful development without the provision of a quality education in which all sectors of economic, political and social achievements serve as a foundation while urging the graduates to keep pursuing more on their academic journey.

“It is obviously impossible to attain economic and political progress as a country including the application of rule of law and dispensation of justice among citizens without the provision of quality education,” he added.

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