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GIZ expert group on agricultural convene maiden meeting


A multi stakeholder experts’ group tasked with developing policy guidelines to enhance digital and agricultural value chain finance capability in the Gambia, Tuesday holds its maiden technical meeting at the Metzy Hotel.

The group comprises of members from public, private, civil society and international development partners. It was established under Ecowas FRSD Gambia project implemented by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ).

The project aims to offer skills development for Gambian youths in horticulture, poultry and fish farming.

Smallholder farmers and startups face specific challenges in accessing finance couple with the risks considerations that prevent financial institutions from lending.

Agriculture value chain finance provides financial instruments for agribusinesses and helps smallholders access financing to expand.

This expert’s group will offer expertise, create opportunities for the advancement of financial inclusion and insurance access for women, youth and small holder farmers among others.

The group will also participate in multi-stakeholder dialogues to lead developments in digital and agricultural value chain finance capability and fill the capacity gaps in digital finance, fintech and mobile money innovations linked to agribusiness development.

“We want to express our gratitude to all of you for taking part in this partnership. It is a worthy course towards national development and we are looking forward to your expertise,” project technical adviser, Mariama Ashcroft stated at the opening.

She reported that since the commencement of access to finance advisory activities in 2021, series of activities involving policy makers, financial service providers, banking sectors and development workers have been held towards enhancing Gambia’s agriculture value chain finance capability.

Daouda Sakho, a lead consultant from CepRass, said the forum is expected to develop guidelines that will improve the involvement of the government, regulators and financial service providers in the ecosystem of agricultural value chain financing as well as expedite on digital opportunities.

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