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‘Jammeh is physiologically in prison’

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By Omar Bah

The National Assembly Member for Serekunda West, Madi Ceesay, has said that even before he answers to his crimes, former President Jammeh “is already psychologically in prison”.

Mr Ceesay was reacting to the Equatoguinean president Obiang’s announcement to protect Jammeh from extradition if needed.

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“Staying in Equatorial Guinea without going anywhere alone means Jammeh is in prison. So he is not in freedom. This is somebody who used to control everything in this country and now he has nowhere to go other than Equatorial,” Ceesay told The Standard.

Ceesay said he wants the international community to put more pressure on Obiang to extradite Jammeh when the time comes. “But I am not surprised that Obiang is refusing to extradite Jammeh because he is as rotten as Jammeh. But in this age, there is nothing Obiang can do. It is a matter of time,” he stressed.

The journalist and UDP stalwart, added: “The crimes committed by Jammeh are very open, unfortunately for him, because there are audios, videos, pictures and people speaking as witnesses who are under custody. So it is just about a matter of extraditing him, but he will definitely face justice.”

He said in the case of other former African dictators, it used to take long for the process of justice and extradition to start.

“But for Jammeh, it will not take that long for the process to extradite him to start because evidences of the crimes he committed are open for the world to see.”

On whether Gambians should forgive Jammeh in the future, Ceesay said: “I for one will never forgive Jammeh. I have suffered a lot under his cruel system; I have gone to jail, had my newspaper shut down for six years and lost my son after he was detained in Mile 2 during the uprising to remove Jammeh. So there is no way I can forgive Jammeh; not in the world and not hereafter. I want to see justice served.”

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