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Kwinela gets sports and youth center

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By Aisha Tamba

As part of its implementation of the Tekki-Fii programme in the development of sports, the IMVF, a Portuguese agency, last week inaugurated a multipurpose sports field and a refurnished Youth Center in Kwinella, LRR. 

The multipurpose basketball and volleyball sports field are built to promote key skills training and sporting excellence among the young people to ensure greater participation and commitment to rural development and the promotion of values such as tolerance and respect among communities.

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The IMVF country coordinator Joana Martins said since the inception of the Tekki-Fii programme, it has organised a series of sports activities in schools and other remote areas.

She advised mothers and family members to support their children in sports activities as it is also important for the physical and mental being of the young people.

“With the inauguration of the sports facility today, we are also initiating a new movement within the youths of LRR.

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“The message that we treasure the most and we will like to share with you is that sports is not only about leisure but it can be something that is very helpful for the youth as it also involves training in some useful skill,” she advised said.

The Project Manager of United Purpose, Muhammed Saidykhan said the complex is built for the youths of LRR to enhance their skills in sports. “We are so grateful and hopeful that this project will bring about prosperity and development in this part of the country. The Gambia as a country has been struggling in terms of infrastructure and fortunately, this multipurpose center is the first modern sports facility that we have in this part of the country, he said”

He encourages the youth in the Lower River Region to use the facility and not isolate the place for goats to use it as shelter

The Alkalo of Kwinella expressed gratitude for the establishment of the Center in his Village. He assures the delegates that the center will be well taken care of.

The NYC monitoring and evaluation officer Lamin Sanneh said as part of its mandate. the National Youth Council will coordinate sports activities and work with the district youth committee to play games with other village districts to popularise the Center. “It is important we make the best use of it and support our young people in the involvement of sports and also promote the discussions about irregular migration that is affecting the young people, especially from this region,” he said.

He praised the Tekki-Fii Programme on its impactful intervention and also assured IMVF that the Center will be one of the most productive centers.

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