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Late cleric’s son tells gov’t to promote father’s book in education system

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By Olimatou Coker

Muhammed Bojang, son of the late Sheikh Hattab Bojang, a prominent Gambian Islamic scholar, has urged government to help promote a book written about his father in the education system to help the young ones know more about Islam.

Speaking in a Standard interview, Bojang said the book, The life story of Sheikh Hattab through the lens of his acquaintances, written by prolific Gambian writer Sulayman bin Tumani Danjo, is truly a great work of scholarship with the potential to foster Arabic language and Islamic education in The Gambia.

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According to the book, this work is a scientific treasure that will serve as a bountiful reference for scholars of both Arab Islamic and western cultures respectively in their academic and scholarly endeavors, thanks to its Arabic and English versions.

Its simple and captivating style, amongst other features, means it has significantly changed and improved the face of literature in the field of Arabic language and Islamic studies in The Gambia.

He said it took the author 4 years to write this book and he was motivated by the great efforts and achievements of Gambian scholars.

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According to him, the book will be sold for D400 for the English version and D350 for the Arabic version.

Bojang stated that the book sheds light on the life story of one of Gambia’s most prominent figures, Sheikh Hattab Bojang, who left behind an enduring legacy reflected in his glorious achievements and remarkable deeds, as well as through his invaluable contribution in spreading the pure Islamic religion and establishing its eternal pillars, which earned him great admiration and prominence both locally and regionally.

He said Gambians need to celebrate their legacies.

“My father died on 30 April 1984 at the age of 53. I was 9 years old when he died. He was born in Gunjur,” he said.

He said his father was the first person to build a madrassa in The Gambia, spending all his life in spreading Islam.

He said Sheikh Hattab was the first person to send Arabic teachers to lecture Arabic in English schools, and among his aims, before he died was to build a university in Gunjur

Muhammed called on the public to help support their very own, saying the book will be launched soon.

If you wish to buy the book, call 3793744\9433419.

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