Let’s not push Barrow to the wall – Hamat


By Mafugi Ceesay Hamat N.K. Bah, secretary general and party leader of the National Reconciliation Party (NRP), has used his address at the party’s national congress in Soma to fend off critics of President Adama Barrow, warning that if such unwarranted castigations do not stop it will compel them to retaliate. Hamat, who is also the minister of Tourism in the Coalition government, told his party delegates that rather than engaging in idle talk, the government considers this moment as a time to work. “But if we are pushed to the wall, we will have no option but take on the castigations head-on. “Gambians should realise that now is the time to respect each other, and to honor and appreciate what we have achieved together and to ensure that we enjoy the change in great peace and stability,” Mr Bah said. He went on: “I want to make this clear that President Barrow is enjoying the full support of the international community because he is running a transparent government with honesty and sincerity to the Gambian people and that is why my party is committed to his programmes to the end of the five-year term. This country needs a lot of work, example stabilizing and revitalizing the economy; and this requires all of us to be united and speaking with one voice.” Mr Bah said people must realize also that it is God who makes a president and wanting to be president and being a president are two separate things, adding that the people who were together during the struggle must remain together as a family. He further said the country cannot afford to be divided at this time of its political history, adding that our stability depends on security. “We cannot afford to be a failed state and political stability is the most important as far as the security of the country is concerned. I believe that Barrow is here to stay for the time being, whether we like it or not. I can assure anybody trying to undermine Barrow thinking that he is an easy thing to carry away, that they will end up causing their own doom,” Bah warned. He said militants of political parties must try hard to keep peace among the political leaders, saying party supporters must talk on issues that will not bring divisions but rather promote understanding among them. “It is therefore incumbent on all of us as party leaders to work towards the common good of our peoples. We have five years and two years is already gone and we are left with three years to do the job that needs to be done such as reconciling our differences, a better constitution, good laws a very free and fair press, as well as developing strategies that will enhance national development and move this country forward. When we do this we will see the benefit of this change we all yearn for,” he said.]]>