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Letter to First Lady Zainab

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On behalf of the Students ,Teachers,the Senior Management Committee, the  parents and my humble self, I wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to your Excellency, The First  lady  of The Republic of The Gambia  for your personal interest and support to st John’s School for the Deaf.

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On Friday March 20th 2015, you took time out your busy schedule to visit us at the above-named school. During the visit you interacted with our students and demonstrated your kindness and generosity, which has endeared you to our hearts forever .The gifts of D100,000 (One hundred thousand Dalasis) showered on the school and the D20,000 (twenty thousand Dalasi)donated specifically to the students are characteristic of your continued positive contribution to the socio economic development of our mother land,The Gambia .In the meantime ,D30,000 (Thirty thousand Dalasi) has been taken from the school donated to make up the D50,000 (Fifty thousand Dalasi )shared among the students.

The students, teachers and parents alike, have expressed the overwhelming opinion that your friendliness and generosity is reminiscent of the magnanimity and developmental orientation of our dear leader, The President, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji DrYayha AJJ Jammeh. We at St John’s School for the Deaf feel greatly honoured and privileged, to have been visited by your Excellency The First Lady of The Republic of The Gambia.

The memory of this historic visit, being the second of its kind, shall linger in our minds for many years to come.

Finally, on behalf the students, teachers and stakeholders of St John’s for the Deaf, I wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to you, for your support and continued interest in the welfare of our school. We pray that Allah the Almighty God will shower His infinite blessing upon you and the First Family, for all the good work you are doing towards improving the lives of Gambians.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Daniel J Mendy



Let’s avail ourselves of advances in technology


Dear editor,

I am writing to share my opinion on the need for us to avail ourselves of advances in technology. As has been observed by scientists, one of the most prominent characteristics of the contemporary era is the speed and comprehensiveness of technological change. In developing nations like The Gambia, the emergence of new technologies and processes have begun to upset current policies based on outdated approaches to say, agriculture, manufacturing or industry. The irony, however, is that The Gambia even though it is uniquely placed to take maximum advantages of green technologies has not fully done that so as to comprehensively integrate them into the development process. Unlike developed economies that have had to experiment with nuclear power, for instance, The Gambia can focus its efforts on solar, wind, wave and other forms of renewable energy. The advantages are even more beneficial when it is realised that the country has an abundance of the sunlight and coasts that are the basis of these new technologies. To achieve these goals, there must be a wide-ranging change in attitudes. In spite of the obvious benefits of modern technology, it does not seem that Gambians are mentally conditioned to exploit them to the fullest. With the rapidly emerging changes in technology, it is clear that we have to develop a positive attitude in order to match the demands for such changes. The time to do that though is now.


Sheikh Tijan Njie,


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