Letters : Congratulations on the occasion of the 54th Independence anniversary of the Republic of The Gambia



Dear editor,

We are very much pleased and grateful to Allah Almighty that Monday 18th February 2019, our dear and beloved country, the great nation of The Gambia and her people witnessed and celebrated her 54th Independence anniversary. As we celebrate the independence of our dear country, we should always reflect and ponder over our National Anthem especially the following lines; We strive and work and pray, that all may live in unity, freedom and peace each day. Let justice guide our actions towards the common good, and join our diverse peoples to prove man’s brotherhood.



When we ponder over these words we will come to see that as a Nation, we need to put aside all our differences, be it political, social, and religious, ethnicity etc. and work together for the common good of The Gambian. We should always continue to work for the development of our country and always pray for her and her people. We should always promote and preach peace and brotherhood which is the ultimate source of unity, and refrain from actions and talks which will eventually incite violence, disunity and chaos which will eventually lead to our setback as a nation trying to rebuild and move forward. Allah Almighty by His grace and mercy has blessed The Gambia to be a land of peace, a land of hospitality, and land full with friendly people and a land that puts aside differences and became a family. These blessings we should always be grateful to Allah Almighty for and also jealously guard. It is true that we are entitled to our opinions and our views, but these should be used in the betterment of The Gambia and should be used as a source of peace building of our great country The Gambia. Today by the grace of Allah Almighty, we are the ones here, yesterday there was others, so we should try our best to contribute individually and collectively towards the development of our dear motherland, The Gambia, so that tomorrow history will present us in the best way, so that tomorrow the coming generations will be proud of us. The Gambia is what we have and we should always guard and protect it. We should remember the saying of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) “Love for one’s nation is part of faith”. For that reason we should always love and wish our country well.


On that note, on behalf of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at The Gambia and on my own humble behalf, I am extending our heartfelt and sincere congratulations and prayers to you Mr President, the First Family, your entire cabinet, government, citizens and non-citizens residing in the country our sincere HAPPY INDEPENDENCE ANNIVERSARY, may this auspicious day be a source of purity, piety and righteousness.


May Allah Almighty encompass and embrace our beloved country The Gambia with His grace and mercy and raise the country in higher heights, success and progress under the bondage of brotherhood and unity and may He be your helper and be with you all and make us continue to enjoy and cherish the existing peace, security, stability and prosperity forever and ever. Ameen

Baba F Trawally
Ahmadiyya Jama’at