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Letters: Message to The President

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Mr President, just tell people what you’ll do for them; stop saying that you got rid of Yahya Jammeh.

Adama Barrow, as you travel around the country denigrading Gambians who left their countries to escape the brutality of the APRC regime, with which you’re affiliated, there is a long list of exiles, including Africans, who became president in their countries. I get it if you want to downgrade our efforts in the removal of Yahya Jammeh so that you can promote yourself, despite the fact, no one knew or ever heard of you during those dark times. You have no clue about the efforts disaporans put in removing Yahya Jammeh from power. It didn’t happen the two months that Gambians heard of your existence. Below is a list of civl society organizations Gambians around the world founded for the sole purpose of ending Yahya Jammeh dictatorship. In the US, UK and around the world, Gambians marched, protested, collected money, gave interviews, began online radios, saved lives by helping Gambians escape to safety, started online newspapers, traversed the world, invited all political party leaders, all travel, food & accomodation paid, met with heads of international organizations, all to bring internationl attention to the atrocities in Gambia. No one knew you, but we marched on with one goal in mind; get Yahya Jammeh out of power. Without what the diaspora did in US, UK, Europe and around the world, Gambia would never have been free from the grip of Yahya Jammeh.

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List of Online newspapers/radios

List of online newspapers/radios


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Freedom Newspaper

Gambia Echo



Kibaroo Newspaper

Kairo Newspaper


The Gambia Voice

Hello Gambia


List of Civil Society Organizations

Gambia Consultative Council (GCC) Dr Sedat Jobe

Campaign for Democratic Change Gambia (CDCG) Bakary B Dabo

Gambia Democratic Action Group (GDAG) Alkali Conteh

Committee for the Restoration of Democracy in the Gambia (CORDEG) Dr Abdoulaye Saine

National Resistance Movement of the Gambia (NRMG) Pa Momodou Ann

Democratic Union of Gambians (DUGA) Ousainou Mbenga

Gambians for Democracy and Development (GDD) Ndey Jobarteh

Gambian Movement for Democracy and Development (GMDD) Saihou Mballow

Coalition for Change Gambia (CCG) Dr Amadou Janneh

Stockholm Gambian Diaspora (SGD) Jaineba Bah

Campaign for Human Rights Gambia (CHRG) Alieu Ceesay

Human Rights for All (HRA) Yahya Dampha

Gambia Association for Democracy and Human Rights (GADHR) Dodou Jobe

Civil Society Association-Gambia (CSAG), Banka Manneh

The Gambia Association for Peace and Reconciliation (GAPR) Tamsir Jasseh.

Mathew K Jallow


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