Letters: Nyang Njie’s statement is incitement and misleading


Dear editor,

So-called economist and undercover politician commentator NYANG NJIE’s, his statement is misleading and lacks merit, which was uttered out of frustration of growing popularity of President Adama Barrow and his government not only in the country but even beyond.


There are empirical and undeniable facts to any rational, level headed Gambian and non-Gambian residing in the country or abroad to see unprecedented development and achievement that is taking place under the pragmatic leadership of President Barrow, even Nyang himself attests to that in his own words when he said “The status quo was not to give us roads, hospitals, electricity”. It’s very obvious that Nyang Njie is misleading and contradicting himself.

Freedom of expression, movement, association, including political tolerance, political pluralism, and free media are fundamental human rights, which are the cardinal principles of Barrow’s administration. Thus, enable you and your cohorts to talk like a parrot and go to bed freely. Building good road networks, construction of bridges, to the length and breadth of the country to facilitate the smooth movement of goods and services, is the most important development that the people are concerned with. Refurbishing, building new hospitals, buying modern medical equipment including ambulances are day to day business of the Barrow led-government, and only the enemy of people will downplay the significant and positive impact of those projects.

It’s indeed very sad to see the likes of Nyang Njie, the so-called commentator who didn’t follow the progress in our school, I am with the view that he knows nothing on the results that are emanating from our schools.

The reform agendas of this regime; the national security policy is near completion, all genuine Gambians are aware of the progress being made so far with regard to that document because all their activities are transparent. Movement of officials from one department to another is a norm in civil service, you can be employed and redeployed.

It’s easier to criticise than to take responsibility. You are tested and you result was negative. What did you do at OIC when you were given chance to serve your country? If you are of the view that majority of Gambians are angry with president Barrow, then the election is at the corner. I therefore call on all patriotic citizens to join hands in supporting President Barrow and his government so that together we can rapidly attain growth and development.            

Essa Dampha

NPP supporter