Letters to the Editor


Re: Angry UDP supporters urge Barrow to form party Dear editor, Lawyer ousainou Darboe, please do yourself great favor and not contest 2021. Please pave a way for young fresh well exposed knowledgeable person in his or her late 40s to early 50s to be UDP party presidential candidate. Be contented of what you have now and take a back seat and let new fresh blood young generation knowledgeable person to lead UDP party to the next presidential election. If you fail to adhere my advice and then contest, you will regret why you even talk of contesting because you will lose big time. For God’s sake lawyer Darboe, go look into mirror and look at yourself. You are very very old. You have sacrificed greatly for the Gambia and we will continue respecting you for that but at the same time we are saying enough is enough. Even Allah make you win, the Gambia will forever divide. So it is not good for the Gambia. Just retire and pave way for new young fresh well exposed knowledgeable person to lead UDP. Ibrahim Sonko   Re: Gov’t proposes 50% salary increment Dear editor, I’m all in for an increment in salary of civil servants but I really hope this government has thought this through very well. We have a bloated and ineffective civil service that is over staffed and grossly unproductive. An increment in salaries without proper reforms is just going to add to our already untenable debt levels. Our production in terms of agriculture, manufacturing, business and services is definitely not improving, so where are the extra funds for the increment going to come from. Surely you cannot run a country on grants n]]>