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Letters to the Editor

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Just trying to move the political ball upfield

Dear Editor,

APRC-NPP coalition. APRC No To NPP coalition now APRC/Ganu/GDC coalition  are all the same nonsense. What’s inexplicable in Gambian politics is why Darboe is not leading and initiating any coalition talks as the leader of the main opposition party?

President Barrow is hopeless and most of us want him out but that doesn’t mean that Darboe’s political leadership skills are exemplary. Why has Darboe failed to lead and initiate the formation of an opposition coalition against President Barrow? And the absence of any expressed agenda for political reforms is a cause for concern about Darboe’s preparedness to lead The Gambia into a new political zeitgeist. Darboe is the only winnable challenger to President Barrow and likely to lead the next government of The Gambia. He is definitely a more capable and competent political leader is  than what’s on offer.

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I’ve seen some of the street political arguments that coalition governments are problematic in support of Darboe not making any efforts to form and lead a coalition against President Barrow. But then why is Darboe attending coalition talks initiated by political parties that Darboe would be leading in any coalition?

My argument is not about whether the UDP can win the presidential election on its own. The argument is to point the lack of democratic political coordination expected from the leader of the main opposition.

Personally, I don’t want just the removal of President Barrow from power.

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I want a better democratic dispensation in The Gambia. And I want the next government of The Gambia address the decades old political and economic development bottlenecks in the country.

The Gambia is lagging behind in good democratic governance and national economic development primarily due to the poor democratic standards in the country and the very basic understanding of the economics of national development.

If The Gambia is to end the curse of replacing one useless government with another useless government, we have to improve on our democratic political dispensation and the policies on national economic development.

Gambian politicians and ordinary Gambians must understand that we can’t invent our own democratic standards and protocols.

We must have to embrace the values and conventions of democratic politics.

Talking nonsense on democratic politics of your own inventions will only complicate the already tone deaf democratic dispensation in The Gambia.

And the colonial economic development thinking in the country is incompetent and unacceptable!

If Jammeh living in exile is initiating and making efforts to form a coalition, what about Darboe the leader of the main opposition in the country?

Yusupha ‘Major’ Bojang


Re: Court orders Comium to resume operation

Dear Editor,

Resumption of Comium operations is not about the staff welfare. To me it is not even important. Without Comium the staff will never eat sand. What is wrong is wrong. Comium was treated unfairly and thanks to the judiciary for playing its cards well.  Comium brought cheap sim cards and tariffs in The Gambia and I’m sure if given another chance it will upgrade itself to 4G thereby reducing the Internet tariff which other GSM operators scammers wouldn’t want to see. Allah shall protect Comium as it has always cared for the plight of their consumers. Everyone was enjoying Comium. It was just like a toy of communication.

Tegos Mendy


Re: Adviser says president had ‘no hand’ in

freezing of Alagie Conteh’s company account

Dear Editor,

Mr Adviser, keep on dreaming and defending like a lawyer. But we are wise enough to know the root cause of this dubious act. Dabanani Electricals has been in existence for a long time, not today. Why should the Financial Intelligence Unit block the company’s account? As Alagie Conteh rightly stated, it is politically motivated. Let Barrow leave the sleeping lion lie. 

Ramos Jatta

Bronx, New York

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