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Letters to the Editor

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It is wrong to celebrate treason
Dear editor,

Treason must not be celebrated! It is against all existing national and international legal instruments.
Treason everywhere is a serious offence and we must not fool ourselves into believing that it is right to celebrate an illegality under any circumstances. I cannot fathom how a democracy can celebrate Treason especially when it has been tried in a court of law and found guilty as charged. Celebrating Treason in a democratic country defies logic and common sense and the world is watching us.

How will the International Community see us? That this is a country where coupists are celebrated? Is this the legacy and the message we want to send across the community of nations? That it is normal for any person to take up arms against a government when that said person does not agree with the system of governance? It is not in my name today, tomorrow and forever.

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Do not celebrate something today that you will not celebrate tomorrow. Wrong remains whether you subscribe to it or not. Let’s be real democrats now that we have a huge opportunity to do so. This is the biggest Security threat as far as I am concerned.


Almamy Manga

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Barrow on Chinese television

Dear editor,

Honestly the interview was just bad!
Lack of coherence of ideas. Lack of understanding of global dynamics. Lack of knowledge about China!
Barrow needs technicians:
1. Policy analysts
2. International relations analysts
3. Historians
4. Media and Communications experts
5. International Development and Trade experts
Barrow needs smart and objective advisors who are only interested in his success and the good of The Gambia and not just how much money they can get away with.

I am truly offended that they could abandon Barrow to fend for himself before a young journalist who came to realize the innocence of our president. Her sarcastic interjections and gestures exposed her bewilderment at the unpreparedness of our president.

Where are the institutions under the Office of the President that are expected to provide information and analysis and advice to guide the head of state? Where is PAU? Policy Analysis Unit. Where is the Office of Public Relations and Press? Where are the Foreign Ministry officials? Why didn’t they brief Barrow adequately?
Barrow himself needs to ask questions to update himself. For every international visit he must request a full dossier on that country and its leadership, history and political system among others. He must summon his team to do a review of issues well before they leave Banjul.

For any international media interview he must equip himself with facts and figures about The Gambia and the host country and the world. He needs to quote numbers and percentages and periods. That’s how leaders control their interviews, command attention and respect from foreign journalists and leaders. He needs to have at least some basic idea about the international system and law in terms of UN declarations and resolutions and instruments.
This interview calls for an urgent debriefing at the Office of the President so that immediate remedies are put in place.

Madi Jobarteh

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