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The first baby

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The initiative to donate cash amounts to be saved for the first born baby in the year is beneficial. It engenders hope for the family that is lucky enough to have the first baby. The idea that the money donated should be saved for the future of the baby is equally great.


This has become a tradition, a good one, we dare say. It is symbolic of the nation’s good wish and care for children. As such, it should be institutionalized and enhanced for a better future for the babies and by extension, the nation.

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However, there is a shortage of medicines and equipment in our hospitals. Many equipment required for the testing, diagnosing and treating of certain diseases are lacking in many of our hospitals and health centres, even at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital. This should be made a priority and fixed as soon as possible in order to ensure that those children have the care they need and deserve.


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Health, it is said, is wealth. We must endeavour to make sure that our healthcare delivery is up to standard. No nation can develop if its population is sick and cannot get treatment. We would therefore be doing well if we prioritize the health sector. This will give more meaning to the amounts of money given to babies born in the New Year.


So the First Lady visiting hospitals so as to find and donate to the family of the first born child in the year is laudable. It should be better organised and made into something that is very meaningful to, not only the family, but to the whole family.

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