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Letters to the Editor : A call for an Electoral College in The Gambia

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Visionary political leaders used politics to promote and convey development agendas for the common good, while ordinary politicians used politics to polarise and corrupt the system.

In our context, bad governance, poor management, corruption, self-aggrandisement and failing economy, are all centered on our so-called democracy. In our case (The Gambia), to reckon with; the unfortunate leadership is the first and direct fix-deposit of our dysfunctional democracy.

Democracy i.e, “Universal Adult Suffrage” the usual suspect, is the fulcrum of all these undesirable consequences. The need for us to go back to the drawing board is imminent.

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Also, the time to revisit, review and revamp our electoral process for the common good, one of the essential condiments of democracy is absolutely necessary.

Therefore, I hereby register my concern, and advocacy for an upgraded version of electoral process, in the form of “Electoral College System”. Such in place, after”popular votes”, there exists another level of voting, that comprises of only the responsible and the informed as per region.

Just thinking aloud.

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Kawsu Jadama, Esq…

Re: Basse Area Council considers

legal action over Barrow’s Market decision

The Basse Area Council has a legitimate query, and the effort to challenge Barrow’s decision has merit. This highlights the weaknesses of Gambia’s democracy. A lot of things assigned to Adama Barrow, mostly through indifference, he has no damn business with. The devolution of power in a democracy shouldn’t be a futile exercise.

The more Adama Barrow, representing the Executive, does things and goes unchallenged, the more power and authority he’ll accumulate. And this is antithetical to the whole premise of the three co-equal branches of government, and the devolution of authority.

Mathew Jallow

Barrow doesn’t learn .He thinks being a president you are above the law and I think he doesn’t have advisers on issues before he takes actions.  The Gambia is a law abiding country and needs a  leader who respects laws of the land .You cannot impose yourself on innocent citizens because you are the president. The money sent in building that market was from tax payers’ and those people have elected their representatives to manage the affairs of that market. You should know your limitations to avoid being shameful again. Local government matters are to be addressed by authorised authorities

Essa Sillah

Re- GPA to build dry port in Basse

We keep shooting ourselves in the foot. Those squirrels at the port won’t allow any public private partnership. That work contrary to their interest. Now ,once the port in Senegal is completed, some Gambian businesses will use it. No wonder the Trade Minister said Gambian goods coming through Senegal’s port is a blessing.

Gassama Gassama

Every nation with those at the helm of office with enough senses, would never privatised their main shipping ports, or airports or energy and water supply companies. Even a partnership, should be a no no. But again, this is Africa, we only see the cosmetic overview on how the world works.

Biram G

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