Letters : TRRC, don’t forget child sacrifice investigations



Dear editor,

As TRRC investigations and revelations of gruesome acts of barbarity unfold, TRRC should be mindful to add the issue of “Child Sacrifice’ to its roster of Truth & Reconciliation agenda. For a period in the 2000s, Yahya Jammeh’s convoys were engaged in deliberate killing of school children ordered to wait on the roadside for his passing motorcades. I actually lost count of the number of times this happened, but form Yahya Jammeh’s convoy drivers, to his escorting military units and witnesses, the TRRC could be able to pry this information out and hold perpetrators to account. While we are at it, also in the 2000s, several mysterious deaths were reported inside Mile 2 Prison, suspected to be poisonous deaths. If I remember well, Captain Tumbul Tamba was one such victim. In addition, Sheriff M Dibba, NCP party leader and former Speaker, Lamin Sanneh, former Works Permanent Secretary, and Tombong Camara former Gamtel Accountant, each died within a week of release from Mile 2 prison. It is estimated that several dozen inmates died inside Mile 2 Prison and David Colley, former Mile 2 Prison director can throw light on this.


“As the mechanics of political change slowly grind on, in this electoral cycle, hysteria over child abductions and staged presidential roadside motorcade accidents have taken the country by storm. This primitive African cultural practice, once thought of as extinct in Gambia, has resurfaced in style, by way of Yahya Jammeh’s animist belief system. With nearly twenty children sacrificed by Yahya Jammeh’s staged motorcades accidents and forced disappearances, parents are urged to be very mindful that for the deeply superstitious Yahya Jammeh, the lust for human blood sacrifice during this elections season presents danger the lives of children vulnerable to his animist sacrifice rituals.”~Text is culled from a contemporaneous article..

Matthew Jallow