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Letters: Yankuba Touray’s points not legally binding

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Dear editor,

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Unfortunately, Yankuba Touray is relying on an Amnesty Bill, passed in the National Assembly, but that Bill, in my view, may not be legally binding.

I believe the capital crime of murder is exempt from indemnity, but the worst news for him is murder has no stature of limitation.

“The dumbest and most insane arguments Gambians have heard from regime supporters, in the past, is the campaign to seek ‘amnesty’ for the Gambian diaspora who continue to fight to end the bloody carnage and mayhem in their country.

The lessons of our culture and religious heritage dictate Gambians to seek forgiveness for their own errors; consequently seeking amnesty for Yahya Jammeh’s errors, is not unlike asking the murderer of our nephews, fathers, uncles, sisters, mothers, neighbors and fellow citizens to forgive us for the heinous crimes he continues to commit.

The fact that Yahya Jammeh passed an Indemnity Bill in the National Assembly nearly a decade ago in 2006, is proof of where he thinks blame for Gambia’s massive crimes lie.”– xtract from an article in 2015

Mathew K Jallow



Stand up for our women!
Bring Jammeh to justice now!

Dear editor,

Our State is an instrument to protect citizens.

Public servants are individuals who are elected or appointed to utilize the State and all of its instruments and resources to protect the rights and fulfill the needs of citizens.

The people fund the State with our taxes and empower them with laws to do only one thing which is to protect and develop citizens.

Hence the worse crime is for an elected and appointed public servant to transform the State from being an instrument of protection into a weapon of destruction against citizens.

Such a crime reaches unforgivable and unforgettable proportions when a public servant such as the President utilizes the State to rape our girls and women. That is an irreparable damage that must be paid.

Yahya Jammeh was an elected public servant mandated by law to respect, protect and fulfill the rights and needs of Gambians.

For him to abuse his powers and offices to harm girls and women is indeed a stab in the soul of the Gambia.

As citizens we must all stand up to ensure justice for these women.

These women are Gambian citizens and above all human beings. They could be a mother, sister, daughter, niece, friend, colleague and neighbor. Will you betray them? The ball is in our court.

Madi Jobarteh
Boraba Village

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