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Letters:Barrow should take Janneh Commission Report before the National Assembly

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Dear editor,

The Janneh Commission Report is a national document that came out of major historical circumstances of our country.

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Therefore this report should not be decided only by the Government at Cabinet level.

It is necessary that the President places the report before the National Assembly for their consideration and action.

By doing so the President would be demonstrating strategic and constructive leadership that can only do well for the country.

The Government must not monopolize the report but to make it a truly national property by sharing with the Parliament.

The Janneh Commission has dealt with issues that touch on all aspects of governance and the State.

These issues are more than legal and institutional issues but they also have sociocultural and political dimensions for which the National Assembly must take leadership on it.

The report has highlighted how deep and widespread abuses took place that also borders on the failure of the oversight functions of the Assembly.

Therefore the National Assembly is the right platform that the President should take the Report with his own White Paper.

That way the parliament will have the right discussion to make the right decisions.

Just because the Constitution empowers the President to create such commissions of inquiry does not mean only the President should decide the report.

Good leadership is when the President demonstrates the good sense to share the report with the National Assembly.

I hope his advisors make him understand and do that ASAP.

Taking it to the National Assembly also ensures greater transparency and accountability and prevents selective justice and favoritism.

The recommendations of the report should be implemented in full and there should be no sacred cows! To ensure that then the report must be taken to people’s house!

Madi Jobarteh
Boraba Village

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