LETTERS: If you haven’t woken up yet, now is the time to bang your head on a concrete wal



Dear editor,

President Adama Barrow’s tour and meet with APRC boss, Fabakary Tombong Jatta (FTJ), should send chills down the spine of every Gambian. This is the manifestation of something far more sinister than his seemingly innocuous meet and greet with FTJ.


In politics, the game of addition is central to the success of any political party or politician. Having soured with his benefactor, UDP, President Barrow is dangling carrots in front of the APRC, which the party will find hard to resist.

This may involve general amnesty and the possibility of indemnifying Yahya Jammeh and other APRC members implicated in crimes and human rights violations. It’s increasingly evident that President Barrow, in pursuing political power, might be willing to go to lengths to achieve it through questionable means.

The only party that is in much need of grace right now, in exchange for loyalty, is APRC. President Barrow is desperate to attract the APRC block of voters in exchange for funds and indemnification from crimes against the state.

But, here is the rub; President Barrow can’t achieve his goals by fiat. The National Assembly, but more importantly, the Gambian people, have to consent to whatever he is stelthily schiming. The work of the TRRC and related Commissions cannot be exercises in futility. President Barrow must check his ambition at the door, and let the rule of law take it’s course. Nothing less is acceptable.

Mathew Jallow