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Letters:Re Sanitise the Transportation System

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Dear editor,

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Please allow me space in your esteemed newspaper to make an intervention by way of observation, targeting an article in your Thursday 14th Edition under the captioned: Open Letter to the Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure, entitled “Sanitise the Transportation System” written by one Muhamed Lamin Ceesay, UTG.

Without an iota of doubt, Mr Ceesay succinctly captured a wide range of areas issues in his article that ought to ring a bell to the appropriate authorities. Certainly the development of this country is our collective responsibility and that, government cannot do it all alone. This is why, as concerned citizens, it is perceived an onerous duty to write sometimes in a bid to call the attention of those in authority focusing on key national and regional issues of concern. However, much as Mr. Ceesay was able to do justice in his intervention, the letter was unfortunately misplaced. The subject matter of the letter is the area of KMC and thus, the letter should have been sent to them accordingly and not to the Ministry.

Kanifing Municipality is virtually the busiest region within the metropolitan area of The Gambia. The erratic movement of vehicles and pedestrians in this area is not given the attention it deserves by even previous governments. This is unfortunate and therefore, the area under focus is densely populated with pedestrians coupled with disturbing traffic congestion and random parking of vehicles along the roads and streets. The phenomenon in no small measure, pose a serious threat to live and property and creates breeding ground for thugs and vandals. It therefore calls for urgent attention for control mechanisms to be put in place for both traffic regulatory and security reasons.

As alluded to by Mr. Ceesay, the need for Central Car parks within Kanifing Municipality to ease the congestion of vehicles vis-a-vis pedestrians cannot be overemphasised. The concern is a reality and trials have been made on several occasions to address the problem during the previous regime but to no avail. Letters have been written, appealing for the establishment of a Central Car park that will serve the whole Municipality but all efforts were frustrated. The fleet of commercial and private vehicles plying the roads and parking helter-skelter still remains a cause for concern to the general public.

The Buffer Zone situated at Latrikunda Sabiji is an ideal area for the establishment of a Central Car-park for vehicles plying between Kanifing Municipality and other regions. The vast rectangular park is seriously underutilised and there cannot be a better location for the free flow of traffic and safety of pedestrians. Currently, the place is accommodating a bar that serves, as a sanctuary for drunkards, drug addicts, social misfits and the purpose of the zone is totally defeated.

Alh. Ebou Faal,
56, Mosque Road,
Latri Kunda,
990 26 50 / 735 48 29

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