On roads


The Gambia is a small country compared to many in the subregion, and arguably, it has less vehicles than other countries as well. But the amount of road congestion experienced here is unbearable. What then is the cause of these congestion problems?

It is clear that the problems lie in the fact that there are no enough roads for vehicles to ply without congestions. When one looks at the problems experienced by road users in the early hours of the morning while going to work, one realizes that many valuable hours are lost due to this problem.

This is costing the country a lot of money on a daily basis. Considering that any minute wasted on the road should have been gainfully utilized to earn something for the country, the amounts lost can be estimated in millions of dalasis daily.


Furthermore, the issue of road congestions also increases the risks of accidents which are observed regularly causing either loss of lives or damage to property which all goes back to losses for the government of The Gambia.

The National Road Authority should therefore conduct a comprehensive study to find out where and how more roads can be constructed to ease these problems. In a bid to improve the economy of the country, the government has to put transportation into consideration and ensure that there is ease of movement of the people as well.

This will not only ease the movement of people and goods within the country, but will also reduce the risk of accidents in the country. The Gambia needs more roads!