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Life Aid International UK / Gambia hands over Masjid Fatimah Zahra in Foni Wassadou

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By Alhagie Babou Jallow

The people of Ahdulaye Village in Foni Jarrol on Friday inaugurated their newly constructed mosque named “Fatima Zahra”.
The mosque was sponsored by Shiraz, Fariaz and Family, and implemented by Life Aid International UK, a charitable organisation based in UK at the tune of D900,000 (Nine Hundred Thousand Dalasis).
The inauguration, which began with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an by Islamic scholars, was witnessed by hundreds of people from different parts of the country.

It was officially opened by Imam Momodou Sey who led the first Friday congregational prayers in the mosque at the invitation of the village mosque committee and council of elders.
The Imam in his sermon shed light on the importance of purity and unity among Muslims, adding that all Muslims are brothers and sisters. He urged the people of the village and its surroundings to make best use of the new mosque.

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He called on parents to teach their children and wives to constantly observe the five daily prayers because it is the only difference between Muslims and non-believers. He lavished prayers on the donors for supporting the mosque project, saying God will reward them with the best place in paradise.
For his part, Nazir Ahmed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Life Aid International UK who has devoted his entire life and wealth to support the needy people particularly those living in the remote areas, said
the gesture is part of sharing the little wealth he and his charitable organization has. “I don’t make promises but I have big heart to support our fellow Muslim brothers; that is why I travelled to a lot of countries in the world to render our assistance,” he said.

He said the charity has extended help to even Syria providing ambulances among other materials.
“I saw the need for a mosque because Ahdulaye is surrounded by villages and with the new mosque, people in the communities will have easy access to a place of worship and can easily attend Friday prayers on time,” he added.

The Imam of the village, Ebrima Boye, expressed delight about the new development, adding that the gesture came at the right time. He said while the village was struggling to build the mosque Life Aid International UK intervened from the foundation to the roofing, including the provision of borehole, solar, mats, loud speakers, kettles, water tank and even the logistics for the inauguration.

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The Imam thanked the charity for the gesture, saying: “It is God who will pay you in abundance.”
Mam Gorr Sour, who spoke on behalf of the elders of the village, took the opportunity to advise people of Ahdulaye, to remain united and work towards the development of their community.

The Director of Life Aid International Gambia, Musa Saidy, commended members of the community for the moral support given during the construction of the mosque, which took place in a short period of time.
Saidy stated that the organisation is here to wipe the tears of rural people in providing them with the basic necessities of the people including wells, mosques and Madarasa (Arabic School), ambulances and milling machine for women while assuring his organisation’s continuous support to the welfare of the people.
The occasion was attended by local authorities in the region and other dignitaries across the country.

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