Lost Africa


The cultures are contaminated

Taboos are mutilated

Totems disregarded and neglected


Proverbs forgotten

Africanism is defeated

The roots are uprooted

Traditions incorporated

and handicapped

The identity is lost

Or rather thrown away

For alien thoughts and ways

Marks of modesty washed off

Nyaa longo ning

koulongo tounengtaa

Discipline evaporated

Alphal foteyla kangolaa

The initiations and

circumcisions are minced

The “gansing denkilolu”

lost their meanings

The lessons under

big trees are extinct

And children have gone

astray with foreign instincts

The circles around grandmother

at night are scattered

The “Kuyango” of grandfather

is now a sofa in the parlour

The “laybon lupeh” have been

exchanged for the TV shows

The riddles are no more unfolded

Because åson of the black

woman sees himself a white man