Who is God and what do you believe about Him?


By Cynthia A.A. Mahoney

People have questioned the existence of God throughout the ages, especially those who believe in the Darwin theory of evolution. The ultimate revelation of God is through the person of Jesus Christ and His prophets.

God is whom we call the Everlasting Father, Creator, Source and Sustainer of life, Holy and powerful, full of grace and love.  The unity of the Old and New Testaments common plan of redemption, reveals that it is the same God who speaks and acts in both Testaments for the salvation of mankind.   


In God’s plan to rescue those who strayed away from him, he knew who he wanted long before the foundation of the world as the sacrifice for sin to be the hope for the human race (1 Peter 1:19-20). He was to bring man back to God and provide deliverance from sin through the destruction of the devil, by bridging the gulf created by Adam and Eve through disobedience and to restore man fully as children of God.

The Bible also reveals that He sent His son to earth in the fullness of time. When Christ began His Ministry, He indeed proclaimed that fullness of time foretold.  After three and half years, the system of sacrifice was brought to an end by giving up His life.   At His death, Bible records that the veil of the temple was supernaturally torn in two, from top to bottom, which indicated the end of temple service.

Jesus Christ was the true Lamb of God sacrificed at Calvary for the sins of the whole world.

 In short, Jesus is the focus of scripture both in the Old and New testaments. In the Old Testament, he is revealed as the Son of God, the Messiah and the world’s Redeemer. In the New Testament, he is revealed as the Saviour of the world and his death on the cross is the ultimate revelation of the character of God Himself. The Incarnation of God the Son is a mystery, the mystery of God Himself. The WORD that became flesh and dwelt among us (John 1: 14). This sacred mystery can only be discerned or understood through the help of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ is truly God, possessing both divine and human attributes.

A deep study of who God is and his will for mankind is vitally important in this age of deception and doctrinal pluralism. The unity of the Old and New testaments’ common plan of redemption reveals that it is the same God who speaks and acts in both testaments for the salvation of mankind.

We know God as the God of love, of perfect beauty, compassionate, forgiving, patient, and merciful. He does not delight in fools and the disobedient.  God is passionate about the wonderful message Jesus brought from heaven concerning the Kingdom of God and His family government, to be replaced by world governments and rulership.  This was the message Jesus preached about during His short period on earth, bringing heaven to earth. Unfortunately, it has not been a popular message in many quarters.  

We must understand and study the Holy Bible as God ordains, to obey His Commandments and ordinances, disciple one another, and be a representative in communicating the good news of the gospel to those enslaved by the lust of the world. This is the only type of life that can give hope, meaning, confidence and ultimate proof that the Bible is what it claims to be.