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Magistrate frees Bimex manager


Magistrate Lamin Mbaye freed Ismail Hayek who is the logistics manager of Bimex Company limited for lack of evidence against him.

Mr Hayek, 31, was arraigned last November for “unlawfully making a false statement or false representation to an immigration officer by applying for a clearance”. He maintained his innocence throughout the trial, though he did not give evidence during the trial.

In his judgement, Magistrate Lamin Mbaye said he found Mr Hayek not guilty of the offence he was charge with. “I want to emphasise that even though proceedings were done before my colleague, I do not know why this case proceeded this far. As far as I am concerned, there is no iota of evidence to support the allegations against the accused person.

”I have looked at the accused person’s letter of application addressed to the director general of immigration seeking clearance for Lebanese and Syrian nationals and this looks normal to me. Whether Immigration wrote to the NIA or not has nothing to do with the accused. In light of the above, I therefore found the accused person not guilty. The accused is accordingly acquitted and discharged,” the magistrate ruled.


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