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Magistrate to rule on fate of 2 journalists

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Jackline Hakim has set a date for the ruling after lawyer for the two journalists said he was not going to reply on points of law regarding the written reply by the prosecution opposing his request for the court to free the two journalists.

However, lawyer Lamin Camara said there were ‘misrepresentation’ in the prosecution’s reply on what the witnesses said. “There were misinformation about what the witnesses said and did not say but I will leave that to the discretion of the court. It is in evidence,” he said.

Lawyer Camara had earlier urged the court in a submission of ‘no-case-to-answer’ to discharge and acquit Marenah and Sheriff as there was no evidence linking them to the allegations.

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“There is so much doubt and horror in the prosecution’s evidence that no one can convict these two men, “he said in his submission after the testimonies of the eight witnesses.

Mr Marenah, a freelance journalist and Mr Sheriff, editor of The Voice newspaper are on trial at the Banjul Magistrates Court on two counts of conspiracy to commit misdemeanour and publication of false news.

They are accused of conspiring and publishing on The Voice newspaper that 19 ‘Green Youths’ joined the opposition UDP on 6 December 2013, knowing that the said publication was likely to cause fear to the public or disturb the public peace. They pleaded not guilty. 


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