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Majanko claims threatened by UDP supporters

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By Mafugi Ceesay

Nominated National Assembly member, Majanko Samusa has claimed that he was confronted by several UDP supporters at Manjai where he regular visits a former business partner.

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The premises he said is over 100m across the road from the UDP bureau where he said the men came from.

Samusa said UDP supporters did not insult him or physically attacked him but they harassed him and wanted him to leave the premises, which is not even near their political bureau, causing unnecessary commotion in the area. Samusa said it took another man from UDP supporters, one Mass Faye who persuaded the would-be attackers to leave him alone.

Asked why he did not report the matter to the police, Samusa said that would amount to playing into the hands of the villains. “That is the kind of attention they want and I will not give them that,” he said.

A senior UDP official contacted on the matter said Mr Samusa should have reported the matter to the police if he feels he was offended or attacked by some members who claimed to be UDP, just like Ousainu Darboe did when he was insulted by a woman in an audio.

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