Majanko Says Darboe Disrupted Government


By Omar Bah

Nominated member of the National Assembly and one of the men claiming to be the leader of the National Convention Party, Majanko Samusa has claimed that Ousainu Darboe was sacked as vice president because he was a disruptive figure in the government.
Speaking in a Star FM interview yesterday, Majanko said the UDP leader’s sacking is not a political suicide for President Barrow, saying that Darboe and the other sacked ministers were also not performing as expected by the Gambian leader.

“They did not deliver. They were destabilizing the government’s transition. It is only the UDP supporters who will claim being betrayed by President Barrow because when we were forming the Coalition Darboe was in jail. We would have expected him (Darboe) to see President Barrow as his own son and not to serve as a detractor. The truth is Darboe is the one who split the coalition,” Majanko alleged.
He said the president has the prerogative to sack anyone in cabinet in the interest of the country.


“This is a transitional government and the last thing you want is to have people in government who are detractors. We all know the situation in which this country was before the coming of President Barrow. Ousainu Darboe was in jail when we all came together to vote Jammeh out. We would have expected that he will serve as an inspiration and not a detractor,” he said.

Majanko also revealed that at one time before the 2016 election, Darboe in fact had wanted Dr Isatou Touray to lead the UDP instead of Adama Barrow “but unfortunately that did not happen because the UDP leadership at the time refused to accept his wish and went ahead to select Barrow who ended up being Gambia’s savior from Jammeh.”
Hon Samusa further alleged that the UDP are responsible for all the misunderstandings between them and President Barrow, saying one cannot be in cabinet and keep caricaturing the person who appointed you.